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#31DNP Day 4 – Mint Cupcake?

September 4, 2012
Cupcake Wallpaper Nail Art

Cupcake Wallpaper inspired nail art

I don’t think I realized this until today, but I’m pretty sure that green is my favorite color of nail polish. I was originally just going to do a skittles manicure using all of my favorite shades, but that seemed too easy so instead I tried to narrow it down and only use my absolute favorite green polish: Sinful Colors Mint Apple. I love, love, love this color. It’s a beautiful shade of jade (not really sure where they got the mint or the apple) and it has a beautiful shimmer that just makes this polish light up. I used it to try to recreate one of my favorite desktop wallpapers ever! Try to guess why.

Cupcake Wallpaper Nail Art

I started off with three thin coats of Sinful Colors Apple and three coats of Sinful Colors Unicorn (a necessary evil, I swear) on my cupcake accent nail. Then I just went crazy with my dotting tool (polka dots are my comfort zone) using Sinful Colors Nirvana, Sally Hansen Xtreme Mint Sorbet and Sally Hansen Hard-core Party because they were the closest colors I had to match the dots in the wallpaper. The icing on the cupcake was just free-handed using Sally Hansen Hard-core Party (more like Easter Party, amirite?) and the sprinkles are Pure Ice Gossip! And voila, a delicious desktop wallpaper inspired manicure. *Muah* PS: Go download this wallpaper!

Today’s post is actually up this late because today was a super busy day. It was filled with driving around and paper work and argh! But it was well worth it and I should stop being such a complainer. Maybe I should go get myself a cupcake.

What do you think? Nailed It or Failed It?

31 Day Nail Art Challenge

If you want to join you can get an awesome 31 Day Challenge Graphic courtesy of Chalkboard Nails and post your entries over at Polished Criminals so that everyone else can see them!


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