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#31DNP Day 3 – IKAN’T Believe It’s Ikat!

September 3, 2012
Yellow Ikat Print Nails

Yellow Ikat Print Nails

I was thinking about posting my nails with no polish today as a joke (yes, they really are that stained), but I decided against it. You guys already have to look at my incredibly dry cuticles/hands so it would be cruel to make you look at my icky yellow nails! So instead of looking at my bare nails today you get some ikat print inspired nails. Aren’t they adorable?


ikat (Photo credit: Felix.Funhouse)

This manicure was actually something I had been wanting to do after watching an ikat nail tutorial on youtube, but I just hadn’t gotten around to it. I really love the darker look in the video, but whenever I think of ikat print I always think of a cute yellow ikat skirt I saw on Pinterest forever ago so I wanted to recreate the look with a light yellow. I started with four coats of Sinful Colors Unicorn. You only need three coats to get full opacity, but this polish is so damn streaky that I needed a nice (bordering on) thick coat to even it all out! After that I just followed the directions in the video and made a white diamond using Pure Ice SUPERSTAR! and a black diamond in the center using Sinful Colors Black on Black.

And that would be it, except I just have one small thing to add: UNICORN BY SINFUL COLORS IS THE WORST NAIL POLISH EVER! It’s streaky, gloopy and if you’re not careful it bubbles like it’s nobody’s business! Not to mention, this polish STAINS! Oh god, does it stain! I made a joke about my nails being yellow now, but just you wait tomorrow morning they’ll make me look like I have a disease! Don’t get me wrong, the color is absolutely beautiful (it looks like a baby chick), the price is great, and most Sinful Colors nail polishes have great application, but I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth all the trouble. This is why I need your recommendations. What’s your favorite pastel yellow color that doesn’t streak like a drunk dude at a high school graduation?

Nailed It or Failed It? What’s your favorite yellow pastel? What’s the worst nail polish you own? Have you ever gone streaking? You don’t have to answer that last one. Hahahaha.

31 Day Nail Art ChallengeIf you want to join you can get an awesome 31 Day Challenge Graphic courtesy of Chalkboard Nails and post your entries over at Polished Criminals so that everyone else can see them!

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  1. October 11, 2012 1:53 pm

    Thanks for featuring my Ikat bag! I am IN LOVE with ikat!

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