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Currently: Watching People Live Their Dream

August 5, 2012

Can I tell you something? This is the first time I’ve ever paid actual attention to the Olympics. I never saw Michael Phelps win all those medals or Usain Bolt run insanely fast in Beijing. I don’t even know where the 2004 Olympics even were*.

Why is that, you ask? To tell you the truth it was part laziness, part I never actually knew when they were on (not sure how I managed that), but mostly it was just that I didn’t really care. I’m not really a big sports person so the thought of sitting around and watching two weeks+ (not that I knew how long the Olympics even were) worth of sports seemed like more of a chore than something to look forward to. Plus, part of me felt a little cool for not caring. It was like I was part of a secret club of people who knew the truth: the Olympics just aren’t a big deal.

I wasn’t even planning on watching these Olympic games, then something happened. I’m not really sure how, but things just sort of clicked into place. I was being lazy on the couch, I actually knew when they were going to be on and after watching a few of the qualifying rounds for gymnastics I actually started to care just a smidge. I saw these incredibly young girls doing these amazing things and I think it was then that it hit me: this is the most important moment in their entire lives. All of these girls have been working their butts off since they were teeny little babies to make it to where they are and now they are living their moment. Not just these girls, EVERYONE who is participating in the Olympics is getting to live their big moment. That’s what makes these games amazing and that’s why in four years (and every four years after that) I’ll be tuning in to watch more dreams come true.

This video by Alex Day pretty much sums up my point.

*I just googled it. It was Athens.

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  1. August 9, 2012 12:11 pm

    I am embarrassed to say that I too was never a fan of the Olympics. In my town this was not something to be proud of; Carly Patterson, the 2004 Olympic All-Around Gold Medalist lived in the same town and even was in the same grade as me (although I never met her). Now I certainly do have a better appreciation for the Olympics. They really do have to devote a great portion of thier lives to being at the top of thier sport!

    • August 10, 2012 10:38 am

      That is so cool!
      Yeah, I don’t think most people realize how amazing these people are and how their lives have been leading up to this. It’s fine to not care about the actual sport, but it’s kind of cold to say you don’t care about a person’s greatest moment.

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