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Updates: An Injured Finger and Meeting a Popstar?

July 30, 2012


Hey guys! I haven’t posted in a week and VEDA (Vlog Everyday in August) starts on Wednesday so I just wanted to get in a quick update post before being gone for a complete month. Did I mention VEDA? VEDA, VEDA, VEDA! Honestly, I’m going a little crazy, but more on that later.

  • Colin’s birthday was last Saturday (the 21st)! Yay Colin! We made a cake, watched the finale of Avatar (the Last Airbender) and ate deep-dish pizza! It was awesome. I have a few pictures I want to share, but I’m not really sure when I’ll get around to writing up a post.
  • Colin and I went to go see The Dark Knight Rises the night it premiered. It was awesome and I’ve been trying to either write up a review or make a video, but that plan keeps backfiring on me. I really want to write a review before it’s been too long, but I’m not sure if I’ll have time because of VEDA.
  • I sliced my finger with a mandoline, you know, the thing that slices vegetables, not that little guitar-thingy, and probably not where you think… maybe. It bled a lot and it hurt a lot and I just recently got to a place where I can type comfortably, hence no posts last week. I’m still trying to cope with the fact that I’ll probably never be a hand model, but I’m pretty excited at the possibility that I’ll have a cool scar.
  • Olympics. I’ve been watching them… kind of. I missed most of the opening ceremony, but I did see the most important parts: them raising the rings into the air and the Queen jumping out of a helicopter with James Bond. My mom and I have been catching events randomly every now and then. It’s kind of hard to be super enthusiastic when all the results are on twitter. Why must London be 8 hours (I think, I’m bad at counting) in the future? PS: How do people swim so fast?
  • Katie won tickets(?) to go meet and have lunch with Cher Lloyd. Don’t worry, I didn’t really know who she was either, but it means a lot to Katie so I’m going along too. I’m not really sure if I want to make a video about it or if I should just take pictures. I’ll see where my heart takes me.

Cher Lloyd – I Want You Back


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