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Life List #57: A Mix of Blue and Orange

July 16, 2012

#57. Wear 100 cute outfits

Outfit Blue and Orange from the side

Believe it or not this is my first attempt to wear “something ridiculous”.* I thought for sure that a mix of bright orange and blue (well, not really blue, more like the perfect mix of mint and teal) would be outrageous, but I guess I did something wrong and created the exact opposite. I loved the combination so much that I decided to dub this my “first” cute outfit of the 100 I want to wear throughout my lifetime. Hooray for happy accidents!

*Confused? Check out my Summer To-Do List. It’s #9.

PS: Like with my first nail post I want to make it completely clear that this isn’t the first time I’ve worn a cute outfit since I wrote my life list, but it is the first time I remembered to document it. Don’t want you guys to start thinking I’m not fashionable when really I’m just lazy. :P

Outfit Blue and Orange my bracelets

The beauty of this outfit to me is that it’s both a bit crazy while being at the same time completely reserved. The colors and the 90’s knot totally scream “ready to party,” but the skirt and the structure of the clothing tone it down making this outfit something I would feel comfortable wearing both to school or to a lunch with one of my friends.

Outfit Blue and Orange the details

I also love how the accessories both elevate the outfit and tone it down at the same time. The teal/mint geometric necklace and bracelet duo (which I actually re-purposed from a broken necklace) are a great mix of classy and fun while the pale, rock bracelet (which also used to be an old necklace), the rose earrings, and the thin leather bracelet add an organic touch that keeps this outfit from getting too stuffy.

I guess a crazy outfit is harder to construct than I thought so. Who knew?

Outfit Blue and Orange 1

taken: 07.16.12


Shirt – Thrifted

Tank – Forever 21

Skirt – Thrifted

Earrings – Charlotte Russe

Necklace – Repurposed

Bracelets – Repurposed and Thrifted

Bag – Yard Sale

Shoes (not pictured) – Clarks

What are you wearing?


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