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All By Myself

July 14, 2012

Being Alone via Design Mom

Colin’s coming home tomorrow (or maybe on Monday) from his week-long reunion with his best friends. I can’t wait! It’s been weird balance of being happy that he’s getting to spend time with his best friends who he hardly gets to spend time with anymore and being sad that he’s not around to proof-read my blog posts and drive me to get frozen yogurt. D:

Warning: This is about to get pretty sappy!

I’m pretty damn introverted/anti-social so I love being alone (it’s when I do some of my best work), but this isn’t the same type of alone-ness. It’s the type of alone that you feel when you’re at a party where you kind of know everybody, but not really. Not the liberating type of alone like when your parents go out for the night and you can turn up One Direction and make bracelets out of old jewelery you never wear anymore. It’s not even the fact that I’m not seeing him every other day like I’m used to or the fact that we don’t get to talk every night, it’s more the fact that he’s not physically here. It’s that type of alone, like part of you is missing. God, I’m a total sap! D:

How Am I Coping?

  • Tons of One Direction
  • Making tons of bracelets
  • Writing
  • Nail Polish
  • Dove Chocolate

How do you deal with being alone?

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