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The Week in Review – 07.06.12

July 6, 2012

Colin at Culver's

Colin biting into a fried cheese curd. He’s not disgusted, I’m just a bad photographer.

This was a pretty fast paced week with all the barbeque preparation and me eating stuff. Not to mention I’ve been on pinterest like it’s nobody’s business. All in all this past week has been a bit of a strange one, but in a great I-REALLY-needed-this kind of way. I just have one question: Is it really July already?

PS: Happy International Kissing Day! Kiss someone you love today!

This Week

On the Internet

Why We Lie

How to Make a Viral Hit in Four Easy Steps

A List of Incredibly Long Movies

Bikini & the City

How To: Make a Shrinky Dink Necklace

Home Organization

On the Higgs Boson Part I

If you’re like me and you don’t quite understand the Higgs Boson either

On the Blog

Community Network Meme for July 2012

Our trip to Culver’s

Recently Made: Miniature Pies

Happy 4th of July

My 4th of July Manicure

Crossed off #1 on the Summer To-Do List: 4th of July Barbeque

94 Baby Hitlers and One Great (Horrible) Movie Review

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