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Life List #27: Star Spangeled Manicure (5/100)

July 5, 2012

#27. Paint my nails 100 different colors

Fourth of July Manicure

I LOVE holiday manicures. To be honest I love any excuse to paint my nails especially if it means I might need to add a new color to my collection. Really, what’s not to love? I’m also a fan of simple manicures (I’m not coordinated enough yet to make intricate designs) so despite the hours I spent pinterest trying to find the perfect patriotic mani to recreate I just ended up with a simple red, white and blue pattern. Doesn’t mean it’s not adorable.

Nail Polish Colors

What I was really hoping to do was get some blue Sally Hansen Nail Stickers with a star motif so that it would look more like an American flag, but they don’t exist in that pattern. I wish I had known that before I begged my aunt to take me to two different Walgreens, WalMart and a CVS in search of them. Oh well! Shout out to my aunt for being super awesome and not only driving me to four different stores, but also for gifting me with a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen and and white nail polish. Also for counting up all the bottles in my collection, turns out we just passed the 40 mark. Last time I counted we were only at 26… When did that happen?

Fourth of July Manicure Colors

taken: 07.03.12


Essie – Forever Young

Pure Ice – Superstar!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Co-Bolt Blue


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