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Culver’s: I’m Bad at Coupons

July 3, 2012

CulversHave you ever heard of Culver’s?

My mom gave me one of those coupon books that kids on sports teams sell to raise money for gatorade and baseballs. You know, the ones that usually only have one good place on them and the rest are too far away for you to even use! Well, luckily this coupon book had a coupon for Culver’s and luckily Colin knew about them and got me all excited to go. But we didn’t because we’re forgetful.

It wasn’t ’til we were in the area picking up midnight tickets to The Dark Knight Rises (shhh! Don’t tell Colin that’s what I’m getting him for his birthday and Colin, please keep pretending you don’t know!) and I was talking to Colin about how I’d recently seen a commercial for them on TV that we finally made the trip!

And no, I didn’t get to use my coupon for a free Concrete Mixer (that’s what they call thir delicious custard mixed with all sorts of toppings) with my ButterBurger because I am who I am and I forgot it at home…

Culvers Our Food

That didn’t stop me from enjoying a Mushroom & Swiss ButterBurger with fried cheese curds and onion rings. The ButterBurger was great. I’m not really sure how to describe the taste, but it’s unique and delicious and I want one right now. With extra cheese curds on the side and a side of cheese curds to the side of those. *Drool*

Culvers - Take Home Custard

We even took home a pint a chocolate custard which I think was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. We tried to be good and ration a little bit after meals to make it last longer, but it’s gone now and I miss it. Moment of silence please.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I wish we had a Culver’s closer to us so I could eat my weight in custard everyday. Also they tweeted at me and now I feel like we’re bros.

Culvers tweet


Have you ever been to Culver’s? Or are you going to go see The Dark Knight Rises at its midnight premiere? I’m super excited about it, but don’t tell Colin!


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