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June 29, 2012

Mariana and Colin

Sometimes I get the strong urge to re-invent myself. To do something completely crazy. You know, along the lines of starting a new youtube channel or, like more recently, a new blog.

I just get this crazy feeling that if I could just start over from scratch with a new name and with a new subject I could do it right this time. I could make something worthy of displaying proudly on my shelf instead of feeling like I was always getting stuck in the lost and found box.

Maybe if I had a concrete subject to write about I would have the perfect post every time and then people would keep coming back. Maybe they would bring their friends. I could talk about fashion or give relationship advice. Vintage video games or French cooking. Social networking or baby pandas. Is there something someone hasn’t already started a blog about?

I think up names (ones filled with puns, obviously) and what my new twitter handle should probably be. Hell, sometimes I’ll even get as far as trying to design my new header on pen and paper before clarity hits. I’m an idiot.

What keeps me going back to my favorite blogs isn’t the name, or the header, or even the subject for the most part. It’s the person behind all that. A person who is writing about something that makes them happy and who in turn makes me want to learn more about them. I don’t need to start a new youtube channel or even a new blog to be myself. I just have to start writing. :)

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  1. June 29, 2012 7:36 pm

    More power to you Mariana. Write!

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