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30DBH Day 7 – Let Me Look Into My Crystal Ball

April 12, 2012

Day 07 — I went to see a psychic, and was given the opportunity to ask three questions – I would ask…

This is a pretty weird question to answer mostly because I don’t believe in psychics just like I don’t believe in many other supernatural things like ghosts or the loch ness monster. I don’t think it’s possible to know the future because there are so many little things that affect what’s going to happen. People that you don’t even know or even random occurrences like the cliche “butterfly flapping its wings” all have a part in constructing our future and so there are an infinite number of possible “futures.” How in the world is someone going to be able to predict the one that actually happens in this universe? Beats me.

But just to be cool let’s pretend that this sorcery is actually possible…

I would probably ask:

  1. What field should I go into?
  2. Will I settle down and have a family?
  3. What company ends up being the new Google/Apple/Instagram?

Number one because I’m so confused as to what I want to do for the rest of my life. I used to think that I was sure, but now that I’m seeing other people make a living off of things that I thought could at most be really fun hobbies I’m starting to wonder whether I should be practical or reach for the stars. I talk about this in one of my recent vlogs if you want to hear me be confused about life. And before you tell me that a psychic isn’t my personal life coach I’d like to remind you that I don’t actually believe in them.

Number two because I’ve always wondered about this. Over the past three years I’ve realized that I’m a very family oriented and monogamous person, but I never felt like that before. For some reason I always pictured myself as the type of person who would only find love much, much later in life and I blame romantic comedies for this. I’d want to know because despite the fact that I see myself settling down and starting a family within the next 10 years I know that a lot can change. Maybe I’ll change. I’d just want to know.

Number three because I’d want to make sure that I’d invest in them right away. I know that money can’t buy happiness, but it can help enhance it if you use it right. I know that so much of the stress I feel towards career choices right now would be totally eradicated if I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry about money, like EVER. Also, then I’d definitely be able to afford the piece(s) of art I’m going to talk about tomorrow. :D

30 Days of Blogging Honestly, or 30DBH as I like to call it, is a monthly project of sorts where you must answer 30 questions honestly throughout the month of April 2012. Here’s my post explaining it and here’s a list of other participants.

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  1. April 12, 2012 11:50 am

    Nothing wrong with trying to make a few dollars! I wouldn’t classify the Loch Ness as supernatural. I believe many creatures that science says are extinct are still alive today. It’s just my opinion though.

    • April 14, 2012 12:14 am

      Nothing wrong with it at all. A psychic would have been great last week when we had that giant jackpot.

  2. Wilhelmina Upton permalink
    April 12, 2012 12:34 pm

    I like your questions though, like you, I don’t believe in psychics. I would have asked #1 and #2 myself for mostly the same reasons as you, well otherwise asking these questions wouldn’t really make sense than for similar reasons. Ah, I start rambling, so I gotta stop now.

    • April 14, 2012 12:16 am

      Yeah, if you can’t ask those kind of questions then what the point?

  3. April 13, 2012 3:54 pm

    yeah, i don’t believe in them either – but suspending disbelief, those are really good questions to ask!

    i once had a good paying job that made me miserable. i walked away from it all to pursue a career doing something i actually enjoy. i couldn’t be happier!

    Confucius said, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

    • April 14, 2012 12:18 am

      Wise words. I’m sort of at the point where I wonder what I would really enjoy. There are just so many things out there and they sound so fun, but I’m not sure where to even start to make them my career.

      • April 17, 2012 1:00 am

        I had an office job that made me miserable. And so I literally started making a list. I started listing things that I liked to do, things that are fun to me. And then as the list grew, I’d start to look for common patterns, for items that tie in to a certain job.

        For example, “playing outside,” “the beach,” “working out,” “swimming,” “helping others,” “saving lives,” – they were all on my list. I realized that I could be a beach lifeguard and really love my job. (Ocean lifeguarding was my first real job back when I was a teenager). So, at age 25, I walked out of my fancy finance job and went back to work at the beach. And it was amazing!! I had never been happier.

  4. bannatreasures permalink
    April 18, 2012 1:39 pm

    Number 3 is a pretty good question to ask. My question would be why I’m so behind on your blog :/ That’s gonna change haha! But.. hmmm at the rate Apple’s going it might take over the world.

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