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Crap I Want Wednesday No. 13 – To Look Cute For Spring

March 14, 2012
H M cardigan
H M cardigan
Mint is the color for spring this year and it’s been the color of all of my dreams and desires ever since the sun began to rise earlier and set much, much later. I LOVE this mint green cardigan. I love, love, love love it. I love it so much that when I saw it I knew that I needed to base CIWW around it. I love it so much in fact that I couldn’t just stop at one outfit. I felt the need to make two. Enjoy.
Spring Look #2
Spring Look #1 by lifeofcarbon featuring a skinny belt

Spring is all about pastels. You can use them to color-block just like you did last summer only this time the result is much softer and in my opinion A LOT more feminine. I paired the cardigan with a soft and super cute peach dress. I love that it’s form fitting yet flared at the skirt. The yellow flats are cute and simple, but they add an awesome pop of color. And it wouldn’t be an outfit I love without a turban-ish and colorful headband!

Spring Look #2
Spring Look #2 by lifeofcarbon featuring tri color jewelry
Once again, TONS OF PASTELS! Gah, I just love them so much! Can’t help it. I can’t help but pair mint green with this soft peach color. It’s probably my favorite color combination of the season. Cute high-waisted shorts with a white button down are a perfect combination. Also, I just love these simple and adorable flats. Don’t they just look so lightweight? A must for shoes in my opinion. And once again, a cute little headband because that what’s up!


And that’s it! What crap are you wanting this Wednesday? Are you as excited for Spring Fashions as I am or do you not care either way? Also, do you like the new format? I want to know!


***Crap I Want Wednesday is just that, random “crap” that I want. I always try to give credit to the creators of all this fabulous… stuff… and also to the sites where I found it on. If you are not satisfied, feel free to email me at and I will fix that. Oh, and I am getting zero dollars for writing about this “crap” which is sad because that means I probably won’t be able to afford it. :( ***
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