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Blogiversary I – Can I Get Yo Number?

March 6, 2012

Bambi in Bee Costume

Hey guys. It’s Blogiversary day 2. Yay!

Today is all about numbers! Wooh! And like most of my incredibly awesome ideas, this one was pulled straight from my favorite blog, young house love.

6497 – number of all time views at the time that I wrote this post. I know that this is nothing compared to much bigger blogs, but to me this number is huge and baffling! I love visitors! <3

133 – my highest number of views to date, on April 12, 2011. Like I said, I f’in LOVE visitors! (:

177 – number of lovely comment left on this blog. I love getting them, it’s one of my favorite parts of the day.

Colin drinking soda

26 – number of wordpress followers [and I love every one of you!] I know it’s not a lot compared to some of the blogs I follow, but it’s a bit mind-blowing to me. I thought only Colin and Hannah read this blog. This is one of the few times I’m glad that I was wrong. :)

33 – number of vlogs I’ve made. I do love being in front of the camera don’t I? When I get to 50 I’m getting a better vlogging camera! So excited!

3 –ย breaks that I’ve taken from blogging. This number is way too big. D: I need to stop burning out so often.

1 – cute Chihuahuas on this blog. Bambi really is the life of the party.

779 – tweets tweeted. It’s no secret that I LOVE twitter. If you’re on twitter let me know. I WANT TO FOLLOW YOU!

136 – blogs I’m subscribed to in my feed reader. This is so much more than when I started, but about half the number I had a few months ago. I finally found the half way point between having nothing to read and being intimidated by a huge unread item count!


370 – pictures posted. I feel like this number is way too small. Lifeofcarbon needs MORE pictures! Not enough Bambi! Not enough food pron! Not enough artsy-fartsy stuff!

2 – times I’ve redone my room. Went from a queen bed to a twin bed to different wall colors! I’m still not done! I need more wall art!

3 – number of youtube channels I’ve made. Haha. Check them all out right here. :D

I hope you enjoyed all those random stats. Maybe I just like to pry, but these types of posts are always some of my favorites. I feel like I’m being told a secret and I LOVE secrets!

What do you think? More pictures? Less pictures? More Chihuahuas? Who am I kidding? Chihuahuas are AWESOME!

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