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Much Needed Update Post

February 27, 2012

Sooo…. I haven’t been here in a while. :o

I’m so sorry, I’ve just been in a vlogging mood and after editing I’m usually too tired to even TWEET, let alone write out an entire blog post.

I’m hoping to get back on track with my New Year’s Resolutions [February was kind of a break month for me] and I hope to start posting 5 times a week again though that might just be me being super unrealistic. D:

The two projects that have basically taken over my life over the past few weeks have been Two Mermaids and a Vlog, my collaborative channel with Hannah in which we try to keep in touch using the magic of video and the internet, and a new channel that I haven’t actually mentioned here yet.

I’m starting a new channel on youtube all about thrifting and fashion, it’s called Mariana’s Closet. I haven’t actually posted any videos yet, but I will be posting weekly starting on March 6th. The channel will consist of videos about thrifting and outfits and things that I have bought recently at thrift stores. All things that I’ve always wanted to talk about here, but (that I have recently realized) are easier to talk about on video. I will also be posting most of the videos here. Think of it as my way of continuing Shop My Closet and My Thrifty Finds in a much more interactive way. If you happen to have a youtube account I would really appreciate it if you subscribed to those channels and maybe even my personal channel, lifeofcarbon, where I randomly post vlogs when I have the time. Lots of links… I know.

Here’s an incredibly rough outline of what I would like to do. WARNING: It’s incredibly unrealistic!

  • Post 2/3 times a week on Two Mermaids and a Vlog.
  • Post a weekly on Mariana’s Closet. I’m shooting for a weekly tip video and an outfit video every two weeks.
  • Post 5 times a week here. Three short posts [Crap I Want Wednesday, Week in Review and probably just a picture and a few thoughts] and two actual content posts [recipe, DIY, hair post, etc].

That being said, right now my main responsibility is Two Mermaids and a Vlog because it’s not just my project, it’s Hannah’s too and I want to grow our friendship even more. There might be weeks where I only have time to post short posts and there might be weeks where I don’t really have the sanity to post at all. That doesn’t mean I don’t like you, it just means I don’t want to subject you to the most horribly thought out and stressed posts ever.

If you guys really miss me don’t worry, you can always tweet at me, that’s the fastest way to get my attention. If you don’t have twitter you can always just email me. I check my email everyday and I’ll probably get back to you in the same day unless I’m super busy, then probably by the next day.

I’m pretty much crazy…

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  1. February 27, 2012 7:10 pm

    I do miss you Mariana but you have a very busy schedule. Unfortunate for me I do not have a Twitter or Facebook acct. I do have email and I do look forward to your 5 posts a week. Tell Colin I said take good care of you.

    • February 27, 2012 11:08 pm

      Hahaha. The more I see “5 posts” the more I feel like I’m being a crazy person. I guess I’m just a crazy person with a lot of misappropriated time. Might as well try to be more productive. :)

      Also, I’m really glad to see that you’re back to blogging. It’s nice to know you’re in the neighborhood. :)


  1. The Week in Review – 03.02.12 | lifeofcarbon

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