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The Week in Review – 02.03.12

February 3, 2012

Frozen Hot Chocolate from Picky Palatte

What would any normal blogger do after being told by what apparently is an all knowing groundhog that there are six more weeks of winter? Obviously they would try out the recipe for frozen hot chocolate that was going around a couple of weeks ago. Bad idea? Not at all. It was totally worth it!

Also, I wore ALL THE SCARVES. Yeah, watch it. :D

from my channel Two Mermaids and a Vlog

This Week

GAH! I just want to eat the filling, but I’ll take the rest of this crepe pie too.

These body “paintings” are true works of art.

Potato chip cookies. The universe owes you everything Deb.

An adorable conversation hearts manicure.

The world’s worst superhero, Etymology Man! Here’s a second one.

Please Target, promise me you’ll still have some cheap moccasins in stock so I can try this.

I bought raspberry hugs just so I could attempt these cookies! Let’s hope they don’t all mysteriously disappear before that happens.

Who would ever think to do a peter pan collar inspired manicure? My nails owe your creativity at least a million dollars.

As a HUGE fan of Bon Jovi and a lover of Bon Iver I approve this video.

Arrested Development is coming back for another season on Netflix and a movie after that! Be still my heart!

Did you wonder what all the fuss was about yesterday. Here’s a pretty good article about Groundhog day and why it’s celebrated.

I think I should put test tube chandelier on my list of awesome Chemistry stuff to buy right in between a periodic table quilt and a bunsen burner.

Here’s a great tutorial on turning a moleskin into your perfect personal planner. It’s not too late in the year to get organized you know. :)

More wallpapers! I think I’m developing a bit of an addiction!

Awesome tutorial for needle-felted elbow patches. The cherry on top: they’re in the form of hearts!

Wait? They’re making a movie based on Candyland? And it’s going to be written by Adam Sandler? Wow. I hope this is an early April Fools joke.

Heartbeat necklace tutorial. Yes, it is amazing. <3

Five things that might be causing your split ends. The internet is slowly trying to help my hair.

Your dreamcatcher is clogged again.

It’s decided. My nails will look like this on Valentine’s Day!

This is hilarious. David Lynch Signature Coffee part 2.

Dollhouse as a shelf. This made me inexplicably happy.

OK GO and Sesame Street team up to teach kids about the three primary colors and inadvertently make me smile. :)

Adorable cross-stitch heart decoration.

Hot crab dip! Just in time for the superbowl. Makes me really wish we were more into football.

Great snippets of advice.

Hot chocolate made especially for valentine’s day. <3

On the Blag:

Monday – I posted my recipe for a Greek Salad.

Wednesday – All the crap I didn’t buy at Marshalls. I really miss that luchador pillow.

Thursday – I posted my braided scarf tutorial.


This weekend I’m painting my room and moving some stuff around. It’s going to be super fun! What about you? What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. February 3, 2012 11:49 am

    thanks so much for including my mani. the valentine’s hot chocolate looks so fun and yummy! happy friday and i hope you have a great weekend!

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