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Crap I Want Wednesday No. 11 – What I Should Have Bought Edition

February 1, 2012

Last Thursday my mom had the day off so we had a girls day and like all of our girls days we spent most of it at our favorite home furnishings stores. We didn’t plan to, but we ended up staying at Marshalls for about three hours. I did leave with a couple of goodies, but even now as I look back I regret not having piled all these things into a basket and making a b-line for the register.

Oh and we went to IKEA too, but that’s not really part of this story.

1. A Psychedelic Luchador Mask Pillow

Psychadelic Luchador Pillow

Lately I’ve begun to realize that I don’t have enough decorative pillows. :( I don’t know if it’s a “girl-thing,” but the fact that my bed isn’t completely covered in pillows that I don’t actually use is kinda cramping my style. Dear Psychedelic Luchador Mask Pillow, We truly could have had it all. Love, Mariana and Mariana’s Bed. <3

2. Very Rotund and Adorable Animal Pillows

Lamb and Pink Elephant Pillows

I mean, just LOOK at them. Aren’t they just plain adorable. I’m not sure which one’s my favorite: the adorable little lamb or the sassy pink elephant. There was also a pretty kickin-rad cow, but some lucky girl grabbed it before I could take a photograph all of them. Maybe it’s best I couldn’t buy them. It’s pretty cruel to make a poor girl Sophie’s Choice a pair of adorable pillows.

3. Brightly Colored Mugs/Tea Cups

Adorable Mugs

They were only $3.99! How could I have been so foolish? Not only were they incredibly colorful and “me,” but they also had decorative pictures inside the rim! Isn’t that all a girl wants? I mean, I know that I don’t really drink hot beverages, but I do love eating things like ice cream and yogurt out of mugs and tea cups. Yeah, I’m pretty sophisticated… #LivinTheF’inLife

4. Cute Owl  Soup Bowl

Owl Soup Bowl

They have Owls on them! Come on! I’m not 100% sure if these are actually soup bowls, but we’ve always used them like that. Oh god, I miss them so much. :(

5. Purple Crystal Candle Holder

Awesome Candle Holder

Now up to now everything I didn’t buy I really could do without. That’s not to say I don’t miss them, but yeah, I guess I can admit that I don’t absolutely need them. But this! This I absolutely regret not getting. Just look at it. It’s beautiful and sparkly and natural and amazing! I could look at it for hours. It was only $7.99 too. Next time I go back I swear I’m getting it.

6. Tahari Picture Frames

Tahari Picture Frames

There were three of these picture frames and I absolutely loved them. I ended up getting a small blue one with the quatrefoils, but I really wish I had gotten all three. I just love the colors and the textures. Plus they were only $3.00 each. Wow, I really need to rethink how I make my purchasing decisions.

7. Jumpsuits in General… Forever


After we got done looking at all the cute home furnishings we decided to quickly peruse the clothes. Bad idea. I saw these ankle length jumpsuits and just about died. Recently my mom had placed a moratorium on clothes purchasing for moi and so these jumpsuits were completely off limits. I don’t know if I can ever portray the agony I felt on being so close to these completely adorable jumpsuits while knowing that I couldn’t own them. Maybe next time…

***Crap I Want Wednesday is just that, random “crap” that I want. I always try to give credit to the creators of all this fabulous… stuff… and also to the sites where I found it on. If you are not satisfied, feel free to email me at and I will fix that. Oh, and I am getting zero dollars for writing about this “crap” which is sad because that means I probably won’t be able to afford it. :( ***


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