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The Week in Review — 01.20.12

January 20, 2012

My Wednesday video

It’s Friday already?

This week my Best Friend and I began our project, Two Mermaids and a Vlog. Today my video is supposed to go up, but I’m being pretty lazy so… yeah. I have to do that.

This Week

I wouldn’t mind getting any of this for Valentine’s Day. :)

Did you miss the Golden Globes? No need to fret, here are the best dressed ladies. I think I’m getting a girl crush on Emma Stone.

Adorable macaron coin purse!

I don’t even know what to call these, but they’re absolutely beautiful!

Free a stuck item in a vending machine. You’re welcome.

I want to wear those pants and that jumpsuit.

Disney Princesses vs. Miyazaki. Yeah, I love Miyazaki too.

The world isn’t going to end in 2012, but if it was here are some scientifically valid scenarios. Not for the super paranoid.

Mod tarot cards.

How to improve booth babes for nerds everywhere.

Adorable tuxedo manicure.

Thank you McSweeny’s for providing me with facts while Wikipedia was blacked out.

Protesting SOPA the only way the internet knows how, with LOLz. xD

Lauren Moffatt Spring 2012. First dress took my breath away.

Missoni inspired nails!

Beautiful book sculptures.

On the Blag

Monday – The first day of Two Mermaids and a Vlog. I posted my first video.

Tuesday – Some pictures from my last day with Hannah before she left.

Wednesday – This blog along with most of my favorite websites was blacked out in protest of SOPA/PIPA. Please visit or if you don’t know what these bills are.

Thursday – I posted pictures of the hairstyle I tried out for January. I think it’s pretty cute. :)

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