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The Week in Review – 12.30.11

December 30, 2011

Mirror ball ornamentIt’s almost New Year’s Eve! Colin and I are going to spend it watching spaghetti westerns, eating brownies and drinking whole milk. That’s just the way that we rebel!

This Week

Some very important and influential people kicked the bucket this year… these 11 people aren’t them.

Do you still need dessert ideas for New Year’s Eve? Here are a few.

I won’t be wearing anything too special tomorrow night, but if I was I would want it to be one of these dresses.

An article on Google’s relationship with the Muppets. I can’t quit them either.

Three simple New Year’s Eve hairstyles.

This year’s top 25 songs all mashed into 1 very catchy song. Thanks DJ Earworm.

A braided bun tutorial. I LOVE IT.

Bookmarking these cute Christmas light earrings for next year.

And I’m making these for tomorrow!

This is the perfect New Year’s outfit. Note to Self: need sequined pants.

More hairstyle ideas.

Live better and smarter with examples from the Muppets. :)

I really want to make these cookies.

Hate New Year’s Resolutions? Make an antiresolution.

A brooch necklace. Also perfect for New Year’s Eve.

I want a sequined wall all year-long.

I never want to see another stupid bear hat again, but please let me keep my harem pants!

On the Blag:

Monday – I “reviewed” some scented nail polish.

Tuesday – A quick look at what Colin and I did on Christmas.

Wednesday – All the makings for an awesome sleepover!

Thursday – This year’s top 10 posts and some reflection.


What are you doing for New Year’s?

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