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Baby Bottle Pop!

December 26, 2011

Scented Candy Nail Polish Collage

This morning my grandmother dragged me out of my incredibly warm bed to Walmart so we could buy Christmas decorations at low, low prices. I ended up losing her for ten minutes and by the time I found her she had already filled the cart. She told me to pick something out as her way of apologizing for making me feel like the worst granddaughter ever. So I rummaged through a bin of old stocking-stuffers and I came across these two bottles of candy scented nail polish! Talk about lucky.

My little cousin Mia agreed to be my guinea pig since I wasn’t in the mood to get rid ofย  my Christmas manicure just yet and I think she made the right decision. The colors totally coordinate with her sweater! She loved the smell so much that I ended up giving them to her. Such is the holiday spirit!

The Verdict: The colors are nice and they smell delicious, but there isn’t enough for more than two manicures. Worth the 50% off price of $0.50 and not a penny more!


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