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The Week in Review – 12.23.11

December 23, 2011

Two more days ’til Christmas and I’m only 85% done with all of my presents. Is it too late for me? Maybe. Will I still wait ’til it’s 9:35 PM on Christmas Ever (AKA FRICKIN’ TOMORROW) to get my ass into gear? Yeah, probably.

It really is true that I am my own worst enemy, but I can’t really help it. Life shouldn’t be this hard for beautiful people. <—- that’s only partially sarcasm.

This Week

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve fantasized about eating half of the things on this list.

The perfect manicure for any upcoming holiday parties. And New Year’s too! :D

Did you hear Kim Jong Il died? Wow, it feels like forever ago as I’m typing this. Maybe I should have celebrated more…

A more modern take on Christmas… kind of. Still 100% hilarious.

There’s still time to give your desktop a Christmas makeover.

Can I please have the totally fabulous fox?

I don’t think anyone understands how EXCITED I am about the new Batman movie!!!!! I AM BOLDED AND CAPITALIZED LETTER EXCITED.

I have never wanted ice cream more.

Get in the spirit with these Christmas bentos. I don’t do bentos, but maybe I should start.

Have you wrapped all of you presents yet? Here are some adorable gift wrap ideas!

Another adorable manicure. Now I can’t decide!

Did you know that Red Velvet cupcakes are my favorite? You still have time to make me some for Christmas….

Is there nothing that Megan can’t do. I’m saving these trees for when I decide to make a Christmas village entirely out of gingerbread.

Is there nothing that Mama Biscuit can’t make more fabulous.

Am I a horrible person for thinking that this is hilarious? I promise I won’t ever do that to my kid… unless they’re terribly naughty.

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