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Stream of Consciousness: Oct 28, 2011

October 27, 2011

I’ve always felt like I was meant to live in a state like California or New York. I think that this is partly because every 19-year-old girl out there also feels this way and for that I blame every television show that I have ever watched. Mostly How I Met Your Mother, Friends and Power Rangers. I really love the idea of living in San Diego. I remember the trip that I took there my Sophomore year of high school with the marching band and it just felt right there. The weather was amazing, not to mention that Sea World is right there and it’s not that far from Disneyland. I also love the idea of being anywhere near New York even though I’ve never actually been there, it’s the 19-year-old girl in me, I’m telling you


Recently I’ve been thinking about Disney a lot. Not the movies or the shows, but just the theme parks in general. The happiest times of my life have been in those parks and for the past three years I have gone to a Disney park at least once a year. It feels like longer, but I’m thinking that that’s just because high school feels like an eternity. It might also be because semesters screw with my ability to chronicle the past 12 years of my life. Every time that I start to zone out on the couch I just want to be back there and I feel like the next time I go there it’ll take three people to calm me down and get me out of there.


There are a lot of things that I wanted to do in October, but it seems like the month had other plans in store. It flew right past me and I feel like all I can do is sit back and wait for November. I wanted to plan and execute a great birthday party for myself. I wanted to go to a haunted house. I wanted to see the Halloween balloon parade. I wanted to write about it all and not spend all my time watching television and watching my life fly by. I have to accept that even though I didn’t have the most eventful month I still had a great birthday and that makes up for what didn’t happen.


I’ve been mooching off of Colin’s NetFlix. I blame that for my lack of desire to do anything other than watch Storage Wars and Say Yes to the Dress. I love/hate both shows and I’m really sad that I’ve watched all the episodes of Storage Wars that were available. I really love watching Jarrod and Brandi and I miss them. I can’t really connect to anyone on Say Yes to the Dress and I hope that when I have to buy a wedding dress that the dresses will be cuter. Though if I keep watching I might decide to get married and just not have a wedding. Some of those women scare me.


Lately I haven’t really had the desire to sit down and write. Every time that I’ve opened up my laptop I would just close it back up after glancing at the number of unread things in my rss reader. Everything that I’ve been doing just feels trivial and I feel like I shouldn’t talk about trivial things all the time. I guess I’m just picky that way. I want to say that after today I’m going to get back to my usual schedule, but that’s a lie. I wanted to post today and I’ll post today. If I make myself feel like I have to post the next day and the day after that then I fear that I won’t be able to press publish. I’m not exactly sure why that is. The human mind is petty…

NaNoBloMo is just a couple of days away. I’ll wait until then to try to be a better poster.

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  1. October 27, 2011 3:32 am

    You might not feel like you want to post trivial things but things that you find trivial might not be way for your readers. People stop by your blog to read what you have to say but also because they must have felt some kind of attachment to you the person and not just the blog. So post whatever comes to your head/heart. Also, I found that whenever I am at a loss for what to write, I visit other blogs for inspiration.

    TV does make California more attractive than other states except Hawaii. Have a great day Mariana.


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