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Crap I Got Wednesday – For My Birthday

October 19, 2011
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We interrupt our regularly scheduled post because I want to talk about my birthday and this is my blog!

I’m the kind of girl who loves looking at and pining for awesome shiny things. I never have a shortage of things to buy on my wishlist for when the day comes when I accidentally win the lottery or some rich widow takes me in under her wing and leaves me all her riches! However when the time comes for my birthday, or any other gift giving holiday, I’m at a total loss. I simply don’t want anything.

In fact, I really don’t want anything. I make an effort to get no presents, but it never works. And in the end, I’m completely fine with that because I’m a believer in being grateful. That’s why we’re talking about this today.

For my birthday I got:

1. New Shoes

New Shoes

No, this isn’t some cool new shoe trend. Or at least I hope it’s not because it looks downright stupid… I just figured that I would minimize the amount of time I would have to take by just taking one picture instead of two. The one the left was a present from my dad and the one on the right is a present from my mom. Aren’t they both so stylish and fun? Not to mention super comfy. God, I love them so much.

2. An Awesome Shadow Box

Shadow Box

Now these are the types of gifts that I love the most. Homemade and sentimental. Made exactly for me and filled with all the things that I love and that the make loves about me. Nothing beats that. My BFF Hannah made me this amazing little shadow box and this amazing card. Now I just need somewhere to display this. <3

3. Baking Basket

Baking Basket

Colin’s parents got me this basket full of baking goodies! I’m excited to break out the eggs and make myself some cupcakes.

4. A Beautiful Print

Raccoon Print

Do you remember this? The print of my future raccoon. Yes, it is beautiful and yes, I can’t wait to find the perfect frame for it. I’m not exactly sure what to say about this gift. It pretty much left me speechless when I pulled it out of the envelope that it came in. Thank you very much for this baby, but don’t think that this will stop me from wanting that raccoon. :)

5. A Cute Card and Cold-Hard Cash

Birthday Card

Isn’t that the most versatile gift to get, the gift of cold-hard cash. So many possibilities, so much nail polish. Exciting!

6. A New Dress


I wore it at my party. It’s not exactly something that I would buy for myself, but I think that’s one of the reasons why I like it. It’s interesting to see what other people see as being “you.”

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  1. October 19, 2011 5:00 pm

    I’m glad you had a great birthday and nice gifts. The next time you vlog you will have to wear the dress for everyone to see. Thank you for subscribing to my blog Mariana. I hope you decide to take part in the meme.

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