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Greek Fries and Other Lies

October 10, 2011

Last Thursday was the first day of fall.

I say that because it was the first day since… I think April that I needed to wear jeans to go outside comfortably. Don’t judge me, it’s not my fault that the two out of the four seasons are basically non-existent here in Arizona. No w that I think about it I really should have taken a picture of what I was wearing to remember this momentous day, but I didn’t. I hope to learn from this experience. I hope. :)

To commemorate this wondrous event Colin took me to our favorite restaurant.

Okay, fine. I’m lying. We didn’t go out to dinner to celebrate the first day of Arizona fall. It was just a coincidence.

Either way, we went out and it was delicious.

We quickly devoured the Greek Fries.

Greek Fries

Then we tried to come up with a fair way to share our calzones.

My Calzone

God, they were big and damn they were gooood.

Colin's Calzone

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