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Shop My Closet – For the First Day of Fall

September 23, 2011

I decided that the first day of the season would be the perfect time to kick off my new project/column [I’m not actually sure what to call it], Shop My Closet! You see, I suffer from a serious disease, a disease called: Nothing-to-wear-itis. Despite the fact that I buy clothing pretty often [don’t worry too much about my wallet, it’s mostly thrifted] most of the time I feel like I have absolutely nothing to wear! I rotate through three solid outfits and the rest of my clothing just hangs there like pricy closet filler. What the heck is up with that?

So to remedy my guilt and to try to add some spice into my boring and sartorially challenged wardrobe I’ve decided to challenge myself. At least once a month I’ll attempt to create an outfit out of the clothing in my closet and then I’ll post it here. I’m hoping that this will accomplish three things:

  • I’ll realize that I actually do have things to wear.
  • I’ll become better at styling outfits. Practice makes perfect, you know. :)
  • I’ll build up a catalog of cute outfits for different occasions.

Let’s kick things off!

The Outfit:

SMC - Fall Outfit

Inspiration: Fall Trends

  • Shirt – Kohls (worn: plenty of times)
  • Skirt – Thrifted (worn: once)
  • Leggings – Unknown :/ (worn: never)
  • Shoes: Target (worn: never)
  • Bag: Yard Sale (worn: never)
  • Scarf: Gift (worn: a lot)


I am not very good at following trends for particular seasons, I usually just buy things that I like and hope that I don’t look like a complete idiot. I decided it would be fun to conduct a scavenger-hunt of sorts and see how many things I could find in my closet that were “in” this season. I’m really surprised I was able to find enough items to complete an outfit and I am super excited that I did. It’s encouraging to know that I don’t always have to buy new clothing each season, the makings of a great outfit may already be hiding in my closet!

Of course, before even embarking on this sartorial scavenger-hunt I decided to do some quick research. According to people who are way more fashionable than me Mustard Yellow, Jade Green, Plaid and Wrap Skirts are in. Suede flats are an up and coming shoe trend so I threw in my faux-suede purple moccasins and to make up for my lack of leopard print I threw in my giraffe print bag [I think it works just as well].

I haven’t actually worn the outfit [I blame this on my lack of a social life] but I plan to as soon as I can. Now that it’s filed away I can easily pull up this post and pull everything out of my closet instead of fumbling around like a dummy for thirty minutes. :)

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