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Hot Dogs and More

September 19, 2011

Chicago DogThis summer was the summer of the Chicago Dog over here in my little corner of the world. Colin and I would ride down to this little restaurant near his house that served authentic Chicago food and chow down. If you asked me to describe a single moment of my summer it would most likely include us sitting down in that little place. I would burn my tongue on the super hot french fries and Colin would be going on about zergs and terrans and protosses. Don’t ask me to explain to you what those are, I don’t know very much about StarCraft and I really don’t want to embarrass myself.

Chicago Dog 2

I know that we didn’t spend as much time in that little restaurant as I feel like we did, maybe once every two weeks, but it’s the part that I remember most vividly. The sign outside promises “Hot Dogs and More” and trust me, it delivers! I got my hot dog, but I also have so many memories of Colin making me laugh, of me spilling mustard on my shirt, of those delicious sport peppers and celery-salted tomatoes!

Chicago Dog Close UpSummer is not over. Not yet. I don’t care what anybody says, I refuse to embrace the fall season until September 23, the official first day of fall. I don’t care that all the kids are back in school. I don’t care that Labor Day has already come and gone. I don’t care that everybody is raving about the new fall trends. It’s not fall yet. Not for four more days, Here’s my mission: eat one last Chicago Dog before the season is over. Now I only have to convince Colin. :)

How about you? What was your summer comprised of? Do you like Chicago Dogs? Can you explain StarCraft to me? Talk to me baby. :D

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