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Crap I Want Wednesday No. 1 – Back to School?

September 7, 2011
Jansport Backpack

What I miss most about school (I mean other than the human interaction and actually having friends) is back to school shopping. Oh goodness do I love school supplies! New notebooks with crisp new pages. New pens and a cute little pouch to store them in. Oh, and post-it notes. I frickin’ LOVE post-it notes! I think I may be going through withdrawals because I no longer have legitimate reasons to break out my post-it notes.

To help myself get over the grief that is slowly eating away at my sanity I decided to compile a list. Here’s all the not-so-random crap I would want if I was going back to school.

1. Backpack

Jansport Backpack

Pretty obvious, right? I need something to carry all my awesome stuff. I know it’s becoming more pervalent to use a tote bag instead of a backpack, but I don’t really understand that. Backpacks carry weight a lot better and you are less likely to get shoulder pain than with a tote bag. It’s sad that most super cute backpacks are not very sturdy. Thanks a lot for that Urban Outfitters. JanSport has never let me down. I used one of their backpacks for three years carrying three binders and the books that I needed for my classes, EVERYDAY. This one has a sleeve big enough for my humongous lap top. :D

2. Planners

Tomorrow PlannerEver since I saw this planner over at Door Sixteen I have wanted it. I like to write down everything that I don’t trust myself to remember. So basically everything. Plus I like looking through all of my old planners. Knowing what I had to do for homework on Nov 6, 2008 gives me the warm and fuzzies.

3. Notebooks

Graph Notebook I go through notebooks like I go through cookies, you can’t just leave them lying around unless you’re prepared to lose them to me. I take better notes on graph paper. Everything lines up just right, you have more room because there are no margins and you can graph, duh! I prefer plain notebooks to moleskins or cute journals because I don’t feel horrible if I rip the cover or if I drop it in a puddle, they’re easy to replace.

4. Pens

Seven Year PensI write with pens exclusively. They feel better, they write easier and no pencil smudges. I feel like a such a bad-ass writing in pen. Doing math problems in pen gives me the biggest rush! The description for these pens said that they last for seven years. I highly doubt it, but just incase I want the one with the ice cream cone and the one with the feather/quill.

5. Pencil Pouch

Pencil PouchI need somewhere to stash all my pens and my case of post-it notes right? Might as well have a cute one.

6. Cute Binders/folders

BindersMaybe I’m crazy, but I like to have a binder for every class and then an extra binder for my homework. Yeah, maybe that’s over the top, but it gives me a chance to have more cute binders. Wooh! I like that this gives me the ability to use my dividers to divide up my papers by categories (like notes, reference sheets, returned homework, lab reports/essays and relevant articles) and not by class subjects. Think about it, people would give me strange looks if I pulled out a huge binder divided up by subjects and then divided even further into all those categories. You know what, maybe I do have a problem. :/

7. Water Bottle

Water BottleI live in Arizona. It’s hot here for the majority of the year and damn, do I get thirsty. The cost of bottled water from school vending machines adds up pretty fast and so does all the trash. Good thing that cute water bottles aren’t hard to come by. This also means that I don’t have to wait for my water to heat up. Hint: I hate cold water!

8. Laptop Sleeve

Laptop SleeveLaptops deserve to look cute too! Protects it from scratches too. :)

9. Comfy dresses

Comfy Dress

I never wore dresses to high school very much, but I really wish that I had. I would have taken the same amount of time to get dressed, but I would have looked much cuter. You don’t really need to work too hard to make dresses look good, they’re an outfit all in themselves. Just add some tights or a cardigan, it’s as easy as that. Can’t really say the same for my hair, though I guess putting a cardigan over my head would be a quick fix for that too.

10. Comfy Shoes

Comfy ShoesComfy Shoes 2I don’t really understand girls who wear heels to school. It’s hard to walk in them (at least I think so) and most of them hurt your feet. Keds and Toms really go with anything in my opinion, plus they’re so damn comfy. Oh, or some moccasins. It’s like wearing slippers to class everyday! It’s like I’m an old lady already. :o


What crap do you want this fine Wednesday?

***Crap I Want Wednesday is just that, random “crap” that I want. You can click on the images to find the items that I post and I will try my hardest to post where I saw them if I found them through another website. I am getting zero dollars for writing about this “crap” which is sad because that means I probably won’t get be able to afford it. :( ***
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