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September 6, 2011

Yahtzee TicketI want to have a lot of money.

There, I said it.

Tons and tons. Maybe even a billion dollars, but I’d happily settle for a million.

It’s not my only aspiration in life, but I’m not going to pretend I don’t think about it from time to time.

Colin’s family shops primarily at Albertsons and lately his mom has been bringing home a lot of these Yahtzee scratcher tickets. I saw this as my opportunity to get filthy rich, so Colin and I sat down and we started scratching.

Yahtzee Tickets

If you can’t/don’t want to read the rules on the ticket, here they are:

TO PLAY: Scratch off ONLY 1 (one) Dice square in each of the five columns (A-E).

TO WIN: All 5 (five) revealed dice must match exactly.

If more than one dice in each column is fully or partially revealed this ticket is VOID

So that’s it. You scratch off one dice in each column and if you get five matching numbers you win big! To see your prize you scratch the big box at the end. You know it tells you your prize because it’s called the Prize Box. Nice of Albertsons to make that obvious. :)

Yahtzee Tickets

This game was impossibly hard to win. Out of the 48 tickets that we scratched, we only won 3 legitimate things, two $2 prizes and a bottle of laundry detergent. I think.

Yahtzee Tickets

We also won the Two Albertsons Yahtzee Game Tickets four times ( 4 x 2 = 8 ) so we could have had 8 more chances to win big, but we were too late to redeem them. The cut off date for that was August 23, TOO LONG AGO! Doesn’t it feel that way.Yahtzee Tickets

I’m pretty sure that the “Two Free Ticket” tickets were rigged anyway. They were the ones that we always won.

Well anyways, Colin thought it would be better if we didn’t check the prizes on the tickets that we lost just in case we ended up losing any big prizes, he didn’t want us to get disappointed. I totally understand where he’s coming from, but I really wanted to know how much money Albertsons deprived me of winning so I went against his wishes and counted.

Out of the 48 tickets that we scratched we only won 3, so that left 45 losers. Here are the prizes:

Two Albertsons Yahtzee Game Tickets – 4 Tickets

One Dollar in Cash – 34 Tickets

Two Dollars in Cash – 5 Tickets

Ten Dollar Albertsons Gift card – 1 Ticket

Twenty Dollars Albertsons Gift card – 1 Ticket

So, Albertsons deprived me of around $74.

Oh and the maximum prize was only a $1,000 Albertsons Shopping Spree. What the heck? Even if I won all 40 of the possible drawings I would only have $40,000. That is so not $1,000,000. That’s only 4% of the amount that I wanted! Like if I asked for $10 and only got $0.40! What’s up with that?

Next year, bring back Monopoly!

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