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Reasons to Cook – Tzatziki

September 5, 2011


There is always a reason to cook something. Fresh ingredients can inspire delicious meals, certain moods can demand certain types of food, magazine covers and memories are also notorious for inspiring taste buds. Then there are the less inspired reasons like: I’m hungry and that seems easy, or I’m hungry and that only requires three ingredients, or if I don’t make that I’m going to have to throw out an entire container of greek yogurt and I hate wasting things. Does that last one seem too specific? Expiration dates are great motivators.

I love tzatziki, whenever we go to our favorite Greek restaurant I smother it all over my gyro, I dip my fries into it, I dip stolen calzone into it and then, if there’s anything left at the end of the meal, I dip my finger into it and I eat it all up like the glutton that I am. So that’s what I (we) made with my about-to-expire container of greek yogurt and it was every bit as delicious as if fresh cucumbers had inspired me to make it or if my memories of my days in Greece had stirred up my taste buds. Spoilers: I’ve never set foot in Greece.

That’s the beauty of food. Whether it comes from desire or necessity it’s always delicious and that in itself is a reason to keep cooking.

Tzatziki and Pita Chip

We used Jerry’s recipe for Tzatziki from Cooking By the Seat of My Pants.

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