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Two Pizzas, Three Ways

September 2, 2011

Some people celebrate anniversaries at fancy restaurants, maybe with some flowers and maybe some champagne, but not us we celebrate with pizza and horrible movies. Yes, we’re simple folks and we’re not old enough to indulge in the bubbly. Plus I don’t really like carbonated drinks, the bubbles kind of freak me out. I’ll stick with milk and lemonade, oh, and sweet, sweet water. Also, I’m pretty sure that three years is the pizza anniversary when you’re dating. Do they even have a list of gifts for dating people? Oh god, a list would make things so much easier, damned married people.

Back to the pizza. We bought two pieces of pizza dough at Fresh & Easy because we’re ambitious, but not that ambitious. We made our go-to pizza: sausage, green peppers and mushrooms. We also made our new favorite, garlic pizza. Just spread the sauce, sprinkle half the cheese and some minced garlic, then the rest of the cheese. Oh god, it tastes like the most amazing garlic bread, pizza hybrid in the world! I want some right now!


Then, there’s the real star of the show, Jim lahey’s potato pizza, recipe from Smitten Kitchen. The boyfriend was extra excited about this one, he’s been wanting to make potato anything for the longest time. Oh god, it was amazing. Even Ivy, the boyfriend’s Weimaraner dug this pizza, she stole a potato while we weren’t watching. The recipe says that the rosemary is optional, but don’t listen to it! I mean, unless you’re allergic to it. Here’s another pro-tip: a squirt of lemon juice or some honey mustard makes this extra yummy.

disclaimer: pictures were taken with the boyfriend’s cell-phone in low lighting, please don’t be hatin’
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