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Hello World [Again]

September 1, 2011

I started this blog as a reaction to my boyfriend starting his own blog. It felt weird to me that he had his own piece of the blogosphere while I, the person who lives and breathes blogs and subscribes to more than should be advised, did not. I wanted to fill this blog with a bounty of delicious recipes and beautiful crafts, but somewhere along the way I just stopped. I’m guessing it’s for the same reason that most people just stop blogging, it’s too much work with not enough feedback. I wrote some posts that I’m still proud of and some that I would rather forget. Looking back at the number of views and comments that my posts received it’s easy to see that the posts which I spent hours writing and editing, not to mention actually cooking or crafting for, are the ones which were more appreciated by the internet. The posts that I wrote in ten minutes, the ones that I posted for the sake of being able to tell myself that I posted, those are the ones that sit there gathering dust making me feel bad about myself. Ouch.

I’m here today, posting again with the intent to get back in the game. I’m ready to get over what has been holding me back from posting quality content. I’m ready to get over my fears. More importantly, I’m ready to write for myself. I’ll just leave this here so that you [future me] have something to reference during moments of weakness.

3. My Theme Isn’t Perfect

This is probably the worst problem I have. I find a theme, I spend hours configuring my widgets and reformatting my previous posts to look better with the new spacing of the font. I fall head-over-heels in love with it and my life is perfect. I spend hours looking at my blog, admiring my handiwork and complimenting myself for having such great taste. And then… I realize that the titles look wonky or that I don’t like how links look while I’m hovering over them. The illusion is shattered and I wonder how I could have spent such a long time living with such a horribly chosen theme and so, the great hunt starts again. I spend hours trying out new themes, reformatting and picking everything apart, when instead I could be using that time to, you know, write.

Solution: It’s true that most popular blogs have nice themes, but that’s not what makes them great in the first place. I can only freak out over my theme after I’ve written all of my posts for the month. My reasoning is if I don’t have enough time to post, then I don’t have time to waste on my theme.

2. What If I Can’t Keep Up?

What if I wake up late one day and I have absolutely no drive to write a post? Oh My Goodness! What if the power goes out for an entire week and I’m too embarrassed of my lack of posting to post? Then more time will pass and even though I want to post I don’t because it’s been too long. Oh yeah, that already happened (minus the power going out for a week thing). What if I burn my hand again or worse, what if there’s a marathon of How I Met You Mother? Then there’s writer’s block. Why is it that everything is stacked up against me?

Solution: Life happens. Maybe I’ll get sick, maybe Bambi will get sick. I just need to chill out. Yeah, it’s true, life does happen and it’s so easy to put off posting, so darn easy. That’s why the Schedule feature will single-handedly be the savior of my blog and my sanity. I can write multiple posts (haha, hopefully) during my inspired phases and then take a couple of days off all while having a stream of steady posts to give off the illusion that I’m writing more often than not. Bwahahaha, excellent!

1. What’s The Point? Is Anyone Actually Reading This?

It’s no secret, bloggers blog for their readers. Whether it’s 50,000 subscribers or just friends and family it’s really nice to know that someone out there is reading the post you spent so long writing and editing. You want someone to appreciate your hilarious remarks and your analytical genius. Oh yeah, and my “you” I mean me. When I first started this blog I was so excited to share my ideas with people. I’d come up with a great post idea, and file it away for the future, you know, when more people would be reading my blog. It made so much sense to me. I mean, what’s the point of writing something really good unless it’s guaranteed that people are going to read it and appreciate it? If I had as many readers as the Pioneer Woman or as Young House Love I’d be just as good, right? Hahaha, maybe one day. *crosses fingers*

Solution: I can’t “make” people read my blog, other than my boyfriend (hahaha got you honey!), but I can keep writing and that’s just what I’ll do. Good content brings people in and even if it doesn’t what does that really matter? I’m not blogging to make money or to promote a business. I’m blogging to grow, I’m blogging because it’s a great motivator, I’m blogging because it’s the perfect creative outlet. People be damned! Or, you know I could always take WordPress’ advice. I’ll just leave this right here.

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