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Pleats are Sweet

June 17, 2011

I actually wrote this post way back in April. Yup, April. That’s how bad of a blogger I truly am. Bad Chica, bad! :(

I was so excited when I wrote it too. I was going to make an extra headband and have a giveaway and be an active blogger and get tons of new friends, but nope… life just got in the way. :/

Actually, no. I got in the way. I stopped being excited and I stopped making things. Instead I sat and read and occasionally ate too many [insert junk food item here]. I want to go back to the way things used to be.

Hopefully another month doesn’t go by before I realize that I really miss making things and taking pictures and writing words.

Pleats are the epitome of intricacy and sophistication.

And for a while also of intimidation, at least for me.

I mean come on, how can a regular human being even do that?

You have to be some sort of craft-goddess or sewing savant to manipulate fabric into such an amazing form.



Pleats are easy-peasy, a no-brainer!

Well, actually, you need your brain to make these. Focus is always nice too.

Let’s Get Craftin’

You’ll Need:

  • Ribbon! I used two different types
  • A hair tie or some elastic

I had these two on hand. I folded the much wider ribbon in half because it was too wide. I really like the texture that it gave the pleats.

To start the pleat fold your ribbon.

And then fold it back!

Pin to secure it in place. Do you need to see that again?

Fold the ribbon under…

Then fold it back while pinching your pleat in place.

An finally you pin it in place. :)

I suggest that you play around with your pleats before committing you anything. Maybe you want really big, wide pleats or maybe you like them a bit smaller.

As you can tell, I like my pleats a little chunky. Oooh yeah!

And of course, like always, I like to change things up.

Fold your pleat under and then over just like you did for the other pleats. The only difference is that you’re folding in a different direction.

And then of course you pin. :)

Doesn’t that just look oh-so cute?

Pleats  drive me a little wild. :)

And again for those of you, who like me, need to see things more than once.

We fold the ribbon under

then back over.

And we pin!

Speaking of pinning do you have a pinterest account too?

How fancy! I LOVE it!

Sew, sew, sew!

And cover up your stitches with some nice looking ribbon. :)

Ooh and then you decide to be very fancy with some ribbon.

That’s always nice. :D

You could always just hot glue your pleats to a head band, but I hate head band headaches. I prefer the elastic ones.

If you don’t actually have elastic, just cut a hair tie in half.

Just sew it in and voila!

Make sure to sew through the elastic and not just next to it for it to be secure.

Tug on it, if it moves or wiggles too much then you need more stitches.

Cut off the excess!

And yup, that’s really it.

linking here, probably. :)

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  1. safrin permalink
    September 19, 2011 7:58 am

    Nice posting…
    please visit my blog too..


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