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My Thrifty Finds — The Perfect Medicine

April 11, 2011
First of all, I’m being featured today on One Pretty Thing! Ahhh! It’s a dream come true. Go check it out!

After an entire week stressing over my government project I definitely needed a day to unwind and do something I loved.

It was Half Price Day at Goodwill on Saturday and that was definitely calling my name

Thrifting really is the best medicine. Especially when you find as many awesome things as I did!

Like this beauty. I love the charcoal color, plus it’s so light and cool. I feel like I can wear it both casually and for a more formal affair. It’s very exciting.


This is probably the softest dress I’ve ever bought. It’s so nice and warm. I can’t wait for winter, it’ll go great with my beret!


Do you love rompers as much as I do? I swear, I hope they never go out of style. I can’t wait to wear it by the pool this summer. I’m considering adding a zipper though because the buttons are a pain in the butt.

Even better, the straps are arranged in a lattice. God, I love it when they do that!


These shoes are brand new. Don’t believe me? Look at the bottom.

Never been worn and awesome! Hot pink is the best color for shoes.


These might not be brand new, but they certainly are lightly worn.

Maybe once or twice. Very nicely taken care of. Don’t they look oh so very classy?


So adding that up yields: $9.00 + $9.00 + $7.00 + $9.00 + $7.00 = $41.00

And of course, since it was half price day we divide that by half and get $21.00!

Isn’t that awesome!

Definitely they way to make a pounding headache melt away.

Have you made any thrifty buys lately?

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