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The Ostrich Festival

March 14, 2011

Yesterday the Mister and I took a trip to the Ostrich Festival. We had a complete blast. To be honest before this year I had never heard of the Ostrich Festival even though this was the 23rd annual festival. This thing has been around longer than I have and I’ve never heard of it. What’s up with that? To be completely fair though the Ostrich Festival had never heard of me before this year either. I never advertise in the paper or on TV, but … I forgot where I was going with that. Sorry. :)

It wasn’t too different from any little carnival. There were shows, rides, food, the basics. I was a bit disappointed that there weren’t more ostrich themed booths or rides. For a festival specifically named after ostriches I didn’t really get the vibe that they were being celebrated. I did learn a few ostrich facts and see some guys race around on ostriches, but that was basically it. Where was the guy running around dressed up as an ostrich? Or what about a clown selling balloons in the shapes of ostriches? I don’t know. Did we miss them? Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time. I’m just get hung up on the little things.

We mostly saw shows. I’m not much of a ride person, I get motion sickness very easily and that’s not fun at all! We saw a pig race, a magic show, sea lions perform, the Rhinestone Roper, the Doggies of the Wild West and Ostriches Race, but not all in that order.

This was the first thing that I saw that I thought deserved to be photographed. Those sea lions are 100% sassy. They should warn people.

The track for the pig races was so cute!

This is as close as we got to the 1000lb pound pig. The $1 admission fee was too much for Pixel Boy, he said we could just look at pictures of it on the internet. Pshaw! Doesn’t he understand the difference?

They’re eating the competition!

I like to think that I took this picture as revenge for not letting my see the 1000lb pound pig. More realistically, I’m just a bad photographer.

Either way –  Carbon Chica: 1 Pixel Boy: 0

This booth had a couple of exotic meats. The one that got my attention was the Lion-on-a-stick. I’m that it costs a lot less than the Wild Bear meat. I would be willing to pay a lot more to eat a lion than a bear. Wouldn’t you? Not that I would eat either, their meat is probably too tough. Also I pretty sure this isn’t what Disney intended with the whole “Circle of Life” thing.

Here are some ostrich facts for you. Do you see the typos? Oh my goodness. I feel like we should all mail the organizers a letter.

GO PIG #4! Aren’t they adorable?

Pixel Boy got me in the middle of my Vanna White impersonation. It’s not his revenge for the photo I took of him, we’re just both not very good photographers. :P

In the spirit of fairness – Carbon Chica: 1 Pixel Boy: 1

It’s a Zebu!

We need to try a bit harder to be photogenic, don’t we?

Starting from the left it’s Kitty, Rose and Kim. They’re very talented sea lions. Rose even knows how to recycle!

She’s also very good at amazing me by jumping very high.

The horse’s name is Lucky Joe. He’s very photogenic. Maybe I should ask him to give me some lessons.

These ostriches are resting up before the race. I’m rooting for the one in the middle. He looks fast.

Haha! Got you. Carbon Chica: 2 Pixel Boy: 1

This is my blog, I am the winner always!

This is a mix between hilarious and impressive. All I know is that I would never get on top of an ostrich like that. Those birds look fierce.

The Doggies of the Wild West Show was probably my favorite part of the day. That up there is little baby Pistol Peanuts, he made my heart melt. Shh! Don’t tell Bambi.

Patches was very good at balancing. I could never Bambi to do that. She’s too much of a spazz.

That up there is Belle. She’s the most patriotic little rat terrier that I’ve ever seen. She’s also crazy. Get down from there Belle. Little puppies aren’t meant to climb so high.

In Conclusion:

I had a great time at the ostrich festival, but it’s more of a one time thing. I don’t know if I’ll be planning to make a trip next year, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. It’s a fun way to kill an afternoon and it’s not that expensive. Pixel Boy and I ended up spending only $32: $10 per ticket, $5 for parking, $6 for a root beer float, and $1 for a bandana for Bambi. That’s definitely a lot cheaper than the Renaissance festival and they also offer Turkey legs!

If you live in AZ mark your calendars for next year. :)

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