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A New Dress For Bambi (part 1)

March 9, 2011
One of Bambi's old, gross dresses.

If you don’t know this by now Bambi is my dog. If there’s one thing that you need to know about her it’s that she gets cold very easy (that and she’s very affectionate, don’t say I didn’t warn you). She even gets cold during the summer when we crank up the A/C so we always make sure to keep her dressed. The only times that she’s not wearing something is before a bath and during a bath. She’s always loved her little dresses and sweaters. I swear, little Bambi is so conceited that every time we bring her home a new outfit she struts around the house like a little show-off.

If you’re like me and enjoy dressing up your dog then you probably also know how expensive those little outfits are. I mean, come on, $10 for a little piece of fabric! I could buy so much with that money, like a couple of yards of fabric. You see where I’m going with this? To tell you the truth I felt a little dumb after I realized that I’ve never actually made my dog a dress. It’s not hard at all and it would save me money. Why am I just thinking about this now?

Let’s Make a Pattern!

You need:

  • An old dress, the same size of your pet, of course
  • Something to trace your pattern on to (I used wax paper, but you can use whatever)
  • Pencil/pen/marker for tracing
  • Scissor for cutting, duh :P
  • A ruler for making straight lines

I started with one of Bambi’s old dresses, one that was tattered, faded and we definitely would not miss.

Cut along the seams of your dress. You can completely cut them off or just rip the stitching out. If you do the latter then you don’t have to add a seam allowance because it’s already there. Yay for planning ahead!

I ended up with three main pieces, but you may end up with more or less depending or the style of your dress.

Now, you could just stop here and use your fabric as the pattern, but I prefer to make a paper pattern. That way your old dress is free for use as scrap fabric. You could definitely use it to make little rosettes to decorate the new dress you’re going to make! Woohoo for recycling!

I folded my larger piece, because it was symmetrical and this allowed me to be able to fit my pattern on the sheet of wax paper I was using. Of course you can do whatever you prefer. Just go crazy, but not too crazy, at least not yet.

For the straight areas of the dress you can get away with just drawing a dot at each end and then connecting the dots with a ruler, this will give you a straighter line than if you just went ahead and traced.

For the curvier areas you’ll want to make a dot every inch or so. Less or more depending on how comfortable you are with your abilities to connect dots.

After you’re done with all of your dots you can remove the fabric. Make sure your “outline” resembles what you traced before you begin to connect the dots.

You can’t tell in the previous picture, but I had two dot outlines. On for my main body piece and a second for my smaller piece.

If you cut off the seams when ripping apart your original dress just take the time to draw the seam allowance. Just measure out either 1/4 or 1/2 of an inch (depending on which one you prefer, just be consistent) from your pattern every couple of inch or so, then connect the dots.

Cut it out and you’re finished!

Find some pretty fabric for your canine friend and come back and visit me and Bambi. We can assemble our dresses together!

I ‘m not the only one who’s excited.  :D

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