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This Blog Has Moved!

Lifeofcarbon has moved and gotten a name change as well as a much needed facelift! If you want to new content (like new nail art/movie reviews/tutorials/recipes or just posts about my dog) head over to Mario, Shut Up!

Make sure to follow for updates!

Are You Still Here?

September 28, 2012

Mario Shut UpHey there! Are you still here?

It’s been almost a month since I moved blogs and so far I’ve been having a great time! I’m posting more often and I’ve been having for many great ideas! The only downside is that I don’t see you guys as often. Sure a few of you followed my new blog, but the majority of you have stayed put and I miss you. :)

I know that there’s a possibility that some of you didn’t read my blog in the first place, but I’m choosing to be optimistic and thinking that you just didn’t get the memo. So here’s a quick reminder (before I forget) that I’ve moved!

I’ve been posting consistently every day since my move. Most of it has been nail art because of the challenge that I’m doing, but I’ve also posted other content too! I have a few drafts waiting for a few finishing touches and as soon as September is over they’ll get published!

At my “new” blog you’ll find –

  • Videos
  • Movie Reviews
  • Recaps of the 8th season of HIMYM
  • Nail Art & nail polish
  • And pretty soon: Fall outfits, birthday wish list, bracelet tutorials, a recipe and a pinterest guide (but you didn’t hear it from me)

So make sure to go over to Mario, Shut Up! and follow it to keep up with me! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter too!


[READ THIS] Name Changes, New Blogs and Finding Myself

September 5, 2012

#10 – Blog Redesign?

Mario Shut Up

Life of Carbon is getting a name change! Wait, no. Life of Carbon is moving! Where to? Good question.

Warning: This is a serious post. Don’t worry though, I lightened it up with some of my favorite pictures.

About three months ago I sat down and decided to write a list of all of the awesome things I wanted to this summer. Number ten on that list was blog redesign. You can tell I was super committed to it because there’s a question mark at the end. At the time I just meant a new header and maybe some cute icons and if I was really feeling it maybe a more organized navigation bar or something like that. July went by and then during August I was too busy with VEDA to open up my photo editor and now that I finally have the time to sit down I’m starting to think that a new header and some cute icons might not be enough. Read more…

#31DNP Day 4 – Mint Cupcake?

September 4, 2012
Cupcake Wallpaper Nail Art

Cupcake Wallpaper inspired nail art

I don’t think I realized this until today, but I’m pretty sure that green is my favorite color of nail polish. I was originally just going to do a skittles manicure using all of my favorite shades, but that seemed too easy so instead I tried to narrow it down and only use my absolute favorite green polish: Sinful Colors Mint Apple. I love, love, love this color. It’s a beautiful shade of jade (not really sure where they got the mint or the apple) and it has a beautiful shimmer that just makes this polish light up. I used it to try to recreate one of my favorite desktop wallpapers ever! Try to guess why. Read more…

#31DNP Day 3 – IKAN’T Believe It’s Ikat!

September 3, 2012
Yellow Ikat Print Nails

Yellow Ikat Print Nails

I was thinking about posting my nails with no polish today as a joke (yes, they really are that stained), but I decided against it. You guys already have to look at my incredibly dry cuticles/hands so it would be cruel to make you look at my icky yellow nails! So instead of looking at my bare nails today you get some ikat print inspired nails. Aren’t they adorable? Read more…

#31DNP Day 2 – Orange You Glad I Bought A Matte Top Coat

September 2, 2012
Matte Orange Nails

Matte Orange Nails

I want to start this off by saying that I never realized how similar all my oranges are. No, this isn’t me admitting that they’re all the same because they’re not, they are all different and I need them. They’re all just similar shades and if I tried to do a look using all of them it would be hard to because to the untrained eye they would just look like the same color layered over itself. Why am I telling you this? Because I spent the night over at Colin’s house last night and just brought over my orange polishes instead of ALL of them. It seemed like the smart and efficient thing at the time (I swear!), but it just made everything impossible. I even made Colin drive me to Target last night so I could pick up a few oranges, but everything there was WAY too similar to what I had already brought. WHY AREN’T THERE MORE VARIED SHADES OF ORANGE? I did however end up picking up a few top coats, one of which pretty much saved my butt from posting the ugliest manicure I’ve ever done. Read more…

#31DNP Day 1 – Let’s Go to the Mall

September 1, 2012
Red Polka Dot Manicure

Red Polka Dot Shorts Manicure

For this manicure I was going to go with just the color, but it seemed too boring (this is a nail art challenge) so I scanned my room for inspiration. My eyes landed on the red polka dot shorts that I was planning to wear to the mall later. Perfect! I started with two coats of Essie Forever Young, not that the second coat was necessary this polish is opaque yo! Then I just dotted away with my Sally Hansen nail art pen. I was going to do a full polka dot, but I felt like that might be too much so I just did a polka dot accent nail and then some polka dot half-moons. Topped it off my Sally Hansen Insta Dri Top Coat, Clearly Quick and presto! Ready to photograph! Read more…

31 Days of Nail Polish!

September 1, 2012

Or Why Mariana Is Crazy. Also She REALLY Loves Nail Polish.

31 Day Nail Art Challenge

Yes, you heard right! Starting today (probably in an hour or two) I will be participating in the 31 Days of Nail Art Challenge along with a lot of lovely bloggers and nail polish aficionados because why the hell not! Get ready to be bombarded by pictures of my incredibly dry cuticles! Read more…

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